After buying all the iPad 2 accessories that looked awesome and stocking up on apps, here it comes: the iPad 3. Fortunately for those who like to stay technologically up to date, there is still a pretty great market for reselling old gadgets. US News & World Report writes that selling the iPad 2 can be easy and gives some profitable tips for selling it and grabbing a new one.

"There is much speculation that Apple does not intend on discontinuing their iPad 2 product – instead, the company may opt to continue production on the iPad 2 and offer it to consumers at a lower retail price," according to the news source. "What this means for iPad 2 sellers: Selling used iPad 2s before the potential price drop makes sales more competitive in the pre-owned marketplace. Additionally, with the iPad 2 still being the only accessible Apple tablet in stores, buyer interest remains relatively high."

Other things to do are look to eBay, which may see higher prices due to battling bids or closet dive for the original packaging and receive a quote on how much it is worth from a local electronics store or chain.

PC Magazine said people looking to sell old iPad 2 and iPad 2 accessories can look to trade-in websites such as BuyMyTronics, Gazelle and NextWorth. These websites may give good value for the old tablets.