English Retreads recently announced a new iPad sleeve for users looking for some eco-friendly, stylish protection for their electronic devices. The sleeve is made from recycled truck and tractor inner tubes, complete with reclaimed PET material lining.

“We recognize the opportunity to integrate fashion and environmental consciousness on behalf of the consumer's need for stylish and sophisticated accessories,” said Heather English, English Retread's founder and designer. “With the release of the iPad Sleeve we are excited to lead the market in innovative, repurposed material use, while simultaneously delivering on functionality with a fashion-forward style all our own.”

The water-resistant material protects the iPad from everyday falls, even if it happens to fall into a damp spot. The sleeve is available in five different colors, costs $49 and is compatible with all versions of the iPad.

In addition to iPad 2 accessories, English Retreads offers a variety of eco-friendly bags for laptops and spacious wallets. The $68 Wallet Lux has enough space for multiple credit cards and a coin holder to reduce the noise of jingling change, as well as larger pockets designed to hold dollar bills.