Though Google's Android is currently staking its claim the consumer smartphone market, a new study by Intermedia found Apple's iPhone is the smartphone of choice among business professionals.

The study, which observed the activations on Intermedia's ActiveSync smartphone service, found 61 percent of its customers are currently using iPhones, while 17 percent use Android-based smartphones.

All other smartphone operating systems – excluding Research In Motion's BlackBerry – accounted for 22 percent of Intermedia's customers.

While Intermedia did not specify the reason for the discrepancy, one could assume that businesses are more comfortable with the security level of iOS-based devices than they are with Android models. Due to Android's open source nature, it tends to be more vulnerable to cyber attacks through malicious apps, some experts have said.

Regardless of security challenges, Android has proven to be popular among American consumers. According to recent figures by market research firm comScore, Android is currently the top smartphone platform in the United States, accounting for 34.7 percent of subscriptions.