After buying the new iPad, people are going to want to make the most out of their device with the best iPad accessories available, but which are the must-own devices? MobileNApps recently took a look at some of the "must-buy" accessories on the market, including the Camera Connection Kit.

"The Camera Connection Kit is an expensive-yet-simple accessory which allows users to put digital photos onto the iPad," the news source said. "If Apple had included USB support then the accessory would be a useless, but the $29 solution is the best bet for getting photos to the device. The Connection Kit includes adapters with an SD card and USB slot, which in turn brings greater functionality for other USB devices."

Other devices that can end up coming in handy for this tablet include the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, the Smart Cover to help protect and save battery life, the Digital AV Adapter for an HDMI output and iTunes gift cards to help stock up on some well-needed apps, the websites said.

PCMag shouts out the Clamcase as one of the best iPad accessories on the market, as the website said this device will help turn the iPad into a "productivity powerhouse" by letting it emulate a laptop.