Business executives foresee emerging mobile trends – perhaps more than an other up-and-coming technology – as benefiting their companies within the next five years, a new study from Oxford Economics found.

In a survey of more than 350 executives, nearly 60 percent of respondents indicated they believe mobile technology, such as smartphones, tablets and mobile phone accessories, will have a positive impact on their businesses before 2016.

Comparatively, cloud computing was cited by approximately 35 percent of respondents and social media was cited by a little more than 30 percent.

Many companies are turning to mobile technology as a means of increasing revenue and driving business growth. As the technology thrives in the consumer market, businesses can also introduce mobile to their marketing campaigns through apps and other forms of advertisement.

A separate study by iPass also highlighted mobile trends in the workplace, revealing that 41 percent of mobile employees already own a tablet, and 34 percent plan to purchase one within the next six months. As this trend continues, iPass recommended companies embrace it, as mobile devices can greatly enhance productivity.