Although its existence has been known in the tech world for some time, the Facebook mobile software application for Apple's iPad tablet computer has been subject to a series of delays. However, the app finally surfaced on October 10, and is now available for free download through Apple's App Store.

According to the New York Times, the app contains a number of features that are likely to make it desireable among users of the iPad and iPad 2. Photos and videos can be viewed in full-screen format, and iPad owners can use their tablet to take pictures and record videos with the device's camera and upload them directly to their news feeds. Other Facebook functions that have been focused on significantly in the app include the chat features and various games.

The touchscreen capabilities allow users to quickly look through their photo albums, profile pages and news feeds, and zoom into pictures by pinching the screen. Additionally, all social channels connected to the standard version of Facebook will soon be available on the app for use with the iPad and all related iPad accessories.

Notably, no Facebook app is currently available for Android-powered tablets. According to SlashGear, such an application is in the making. In the meantime, this may offer the iPad a market advantage.