For the technologically inclined dads out there, Father's Day could be a great occasion for individuals to get their old man some new iPad accessories.

One company, iSkin, said many of their products can make a perfect father's day gift, including the Ducati Collection or the solo Smart for the new iPad. There are also iPhone cases, including the revo4 and the Fuze SE for iPhone 4 and 4S, all of which the company said can be perfect gifts for the Apple-loving dad out there.

PadGadget said to forget mugs, ties and golf balls, as the modern dad may want a cool iPad accessory to make his device better. One cool thing for dad could be the iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet.

"This started as an April Fools joke at Thinkgeek, but there was so much demand for it that they produced a real one in collaboration with ION and Atari," the website said. "This retro-styled tabletop arcade that the iPad or iPad 2 slips into will have your dad drooling. The iPad connects to the iCade controls using Bluetooth, and the iCade will support the Atari’s Greatest Hits iPad app."

Dad will love any gift, but get him something useful and cool with some new iPad accessories.