While there has been some great advancements in iPad accessories and other gadgets to go along with smartphones and tablets, new research from Finland could be one of the coolest developments yet.

A research center in Finland said it has developed a pocket-sized accessory that has the capabilities to turn a camera phone into a high-resolution microscope. VTT Technical Research Centre said this is an accurate device – obtaining images with a resolution of one-hundredth of a millimeter – and could be a very interesting purchase on the mobile market in the future.

"The operation of the device is based on images produced by the combined effect of an LED light and an optical lens," the research center said. "Various surfaces and structures can be examined in microscopic detail and the phone's camera used to take sharp, high-resolution images that can be forwarded as MMS messages."

Size wouldn't be a problem for these accessories, as the device would easily fit into the user's pocket, according to researchers. IPad 2 accessories for the tablet's camera may not be able to see things this up close right now, but a version or two of the Apple device later may have a different story.