For those who want to track, monitor and perhaps alter their fitness routine, Matthew Miller writes on ZDNet's Mobile Gadgeteer blog that there are plenty of mobile accessories, including Fuelband, FitBit and more that allow people to do this. Cell phone cases and other accessories can attach to the phone to count steps, miles run and more.

"These devices can be used to track training periods and workouts, however, the primary reason I will always have one with me now is to serve as a motivational tool for everyday living," he said. "I try to work out three times a week but often get busy with work or family life, stay seated at my desk and work for long periods, don’t feel like getting out in the rain, or just feel like chilling out and watching a movie."

He said the Fitbit Ultra helps track steps taken, calories burned and miles traveled, among other things. The Fuelband does similar tasks, counting time, calories and more. The Jawbone tracks movement, sleep and eating. All of these could be used in different ways to help improve fitness and meet goals.

UberGizmo said there are also devices – such as the Pyle GPS Sports Watch, which costs $138 – that allow people to keep track of their heart rate, fat burned and more. Other iPhone and iPad accessories are out there to help people keep track of fitness.