Many users like to get data plans for their phones, but not too many have thought they might be getting data with their iPhone accessories. FreedomPop new sleeve for the iPhone 4/4S promises free, speedy mobile broadband for its users.

According to FreedomPop, users who pre-order the Freedom Sleeve will receive up to 1 GB broadband for free Wi-Fi for up to 8 devices. If that sounds too good to be true – well, ok, there might be a small catch to the monthly allotment of 1 GB. According to a TechCrunch article, users will start with 500 MB and will be able to earn more data capacity by connecting to other Freedom Sleeve users.

At a cost of $99, the Freedom Sleeve also functions as a battery-extender for the iPhone and features a built-in WiMax radio. It is a little bulky, so it may not be for the minimalist, but sacrifices must be made for inexpensive and fast mobile internet service.