When shopping for iPhone cases, users often have to decide between better protection or more portability. There simply isn't enough room for all the cool features on one case. That was, until a new Kickstarter project promised to deliver the first fully customizable iPhone case.

The Aeris Rail+ features grooves that allow additional accessories to be snapped into place based on user preference. There are already accessories for the Aeris Rail+, such as The Visor, a set of front and back covers to completely protect the phone.

The case itself is made with Injection molded ballistics-grade Polycarbonate and features stainless steel buttons. It functions as a protective case, so it'll protect against everyday impacts without The Visor attachment but can be customized with it for additional impact resistance.

Additional accessories for the Aeris Rail+ include a handlebar mounting accessory, a vertical and horizontal adjusting stand, and a ballistics-grade transparent back cover. If the project kicks off, the designers are prepared to deliver a wide range of additional gadgets for the Aeris in the future, including docking systems complete with sound amplification, car mounts and battery extenders.