Users who don't like carrying around a phone charger, iPhone syncing cable and stand will soon be able to have all three of those iPhone accessories in one. [Fuse]Chicken, an offshoot of design studio Fawcett Design, recently launched its Kickstarter project to fund a product called Une Bobine, and has already reached more than five times the amount necessary to go through with the project.

The Une Bobine is a highly flexible coil iPhone stand. It can be manipulated into a variety of different positions and can even be wrapped around objects, allowing users to fully customize the stand based on need or preference. It also features USB connection, allowing for the gadget to be connected for charging and syncing the iPhone 4.

In its marketing campaign, [Fuse]Chicken made animated trailers about stick figures on a quest to find the perfect iPhone accessory. These trailers satirized popular movie genres and featured stick figures named Bob, Lucy and Ralph.

"We went through dozens of product name ideas before we settled on Une Bobine," [Fuse]Chicken wrote on Kickstarter. "It is French for 'a coil' and also has Bob's name in it, which made Bob happy."