Although multiple new cell phone accessories that charge iPhones while on the go, that may be less of a concern in the future. Apple has applied for patents that would give iPhones and iPads MagSafe connectors that MacBooks have employed since 2006, allowing for wireless charging.

CNET said those near field magnetic resonance can power devices within a meter of the power base. This could be done without the use of a mat or extra case, thereby allowing people to charge their devices much easier than ever before.

"In one embodiment, a port or other connectors may be completely sealed, thus allowing for a device housing to be hermetically sealed. Correlated magnets may be used to properly orient/position the connectors, and communications may be conducted wirelessly (e.g., via light, radio frequency and so forth)," Patently Apple explained.

Coded magnets would be used, which could also bring new capabilities to Apple's mobile products. This could be a huge innovation for mobile phone accessories everywhere.