Motrr is busy working on a robotic mount accessory for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Galileo, expected to be released in June, allows full 360-degree panning with tilt functionality to smoothly capture content.

Users can remote control the Galileo with any iOS device, making it easy to aim the camera where the action is. The anticipation to use Galileo as a photography tool shows just how versatile it is, since that wasn't even the designer's first consideration.

“My motivation originally was to make it easier for me to have videochats with my son when I was away on business,” said Motrr designer Josh Guyot. “The lack of control and visibility when you are talking to someone far away makes you feel even farther away and was just so frustrating; Galileo solves that problem.”

Galileo’s potential continues to expand, as Motrr plans to release the software development kit, which will allow developers to design new software applications to use with the gadget and possibly integrate it with other iPad 2 accessories. New applications that allow features like time-lapse photography are already being planned, but it’ll only be a matter of time before someone develops something completely new for Galileo