One of the big themes for iPhone cases these days is consolidation. There are wallet cases so users never have to leave without their ID and credit cards, there are portfolio cases so users can take their professional documents everywhere and now there's an iPhone case that functions as a credit card.

The Geode by iCache allows users to scan their debit or credit cards, and the card information is stored within the accessory. A programmable smart card can then be inserted into the bottom of the case and programmed into any of the stored cards.

The Geode also has users' worries about security covered. The sensitive credit card data is secured through a biometric reader that keeps a record of the user's fingerprints. The programmable card can't be used without the right set of fingerprints, so thieves will be out of luck with just the case.

The case is available in yellow or green, and it comes with its programmable card, USB cable and card reader. It also functions as a protective case for the iPhone. If the user's Geode is lost or stolen, iCache promises to overnight another model after verification of identity.