With the iPad 3 supposedly coming this March, people may want to ready their old tablet and iPad 2 accessories for sale. GeekSugar has a guide on how to prepare an iPad to hit the resale market and get some bucks for it before dropping the money on a new one.

"First things first – make sure you connect your iPad to iTunes and back up all of your data," the blog said. "You'll be able to sync it with your new iPad after you bring it home. And just like a computer, before you sell your old tablet, you'll want to wipe it clean of any sensitive information, apps and contact lists. Erasing all of your content and settings is great, but go ahead and perform a full restore in iTunes as well."

Other things to do before putting the old iPad out to pasture is polish it up to get rid of any finger prints or scuff marks, scope out what kind of value it is getting online, be honest with any problems with the device and take great photos of the iPad to make it look good to potential buyers.

To give an idea of what could be had money-wise right now, MacGasm has a post on a Michigan reseller selling an iPad 2 for $429. If an owner times it correctly, they could get great value for their tablet and older iPad 2 accessories.