Gizmon's new iPhone case brings the style of old-school photography to the world of phone cases. The Gizmon iCA takes the form of a vintage film camera, but it doesn't sacrifice functionality for style. It allows access to the iPhone's features, including the iPhone's actual camera.

The iCA features a mock lens on the front, with a mirror that allows users to take self shots with a little more accuracy. The protective case includes a mount for additional lenses to enhance the quality of the iPhone's camera, so it does add a little extra photographic functionality as well.

The 32 individual parts are made from polycarbonate, and Gizmon offers the case with its own tripod stand to satisfy needs for mounted photography. Users can still talk on their iPhones, as well as access the touch screen and volume controls while the device is in the case.

For users who like the retro look, but want something more hardcore, Gizmon also offers the iCA Military. Like the iCA, this model is designed to look like an older camera, but this solid black design resembles cameras used by military photographers and rangefinders.