A glitch believed to be causing faster than expected loss of battery life in the Apple iPhone 4S has been discovered. Though a probable cause for this difficulty has been identified, according to the Guardian, it has raised the ire of some owners of the device, while others have claimed the issue is not significant.

The news source reports that the iPhone 4S software smartphone accessories called location services are believed by many to be the source of this issue. The Setting Time Zone option, which the device automatically sets to On based on a user's location, is thought to be the specific cause.

Allegedly, the problem is not exclusive to the iPhone 4S, but could potentially affect all users of the newest Apple mobile operating system, iOS 5, which is also available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The feature can be deactivated easily, for those who are concerned with the possibility of rapid power loss. However, doing so proved inconclusive in tests – some reported longer battery life, while others found little to no difference.

SlashGear reported that the difficulty was found in the Setting Time Zone's tendency to be tracking location constantly rather than on a regular but infrequent basis.