The Facebook application for the iPad debuted on October 10, relieving the anticipation that had built up among many owners of Apple's tablet computer. Shortly after it appeared as a free download on the Apple App Store, some users of the app found that it was afflicted with several bugs and errors.

According to BBC News, the glitches, despite being minor, are surprising to some due to the numerous delays involved in the release of the app. Although user demand for a Facebook iPad app has existed since the device's initial release 18 months ago, it did not surface until now, despite being reported in September as having been finished early this year.

The news source reports that until the app's release, iPad and iPad 2 owners had to use third-party apps or their web browser to go on Facebook.

Errors that were reported by some include difficulties with the Send button on the social network's Comment feature, surfacing when their devices were connected to various iPad accessories including dock and keyboard attachments. Additionally, certain left panel icons intended to link users to their various pages failed to work.

According to Mac News World, the official Facebook app is superior to third-party unofficial versions, while still being subject to several limitations.