It’s already that time everyone. The much anticipated line of Windows Phone 7 have been released to both AT&T and T-Mobile. I will say that these phones are pretty awesome, but they are not without their own flaws. Back to the good though the phones are out and they are bound to make a splash in the market. This completes AT&T’s line up of smartphones, giving them cell phones with each of the three major cell phone operating systems. T-Mobile will be getting the HTC HD7 which will come at $200 with a new contract or $500 without a contract. AT&T will be getting the Samsung Focus as well as the HTC Surround, which will both be coming out for about $200 with contract and $500 without a contract commitment. It is time to see Windows Mobile in a new light so go check out the new WIndows Phone 7s.

Source: Gizmodo