This seems to be just a bit much to release. Adata has released a new 3.0 USB which is built to Military standards. I know that this would probably come in handy for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. This is pretty impractical for those of us who just need a USB. I mean it is not like in our everyday lives we will be going out into an unknown environment where we will need to protect our USB data from water or electric shocks. The Adata USBs will be available in either green or red, vary in size up to 32gb, and will transfer at rates up to 30mb/sec on read side and 8mb/sec for write side. Either way this device is fast and tough. It is probably meant to endure harsh weather,falls, or rough baggage handling at the airport but I feel Military grade specs were just a bit overboard.

Sources: Engadget ADATA