All the iPad 2 accessories have been purchased, all the time has been put in on downloading apps and there's been some good use of the tablet, but all of the sudden here it comes: the iPad 3. While the old iPad may not be useless, many people will want to upgrade. But what can you do with the old iPad? Will Shanklin writes on that used iPad 2s can bring in some good money online.

"EBay is one of the first places that you’ll want to consider for selling your iPad 2. If you have the patience to post an auction, you may be able to get more than you will elsewhere," Shanklin said. "We surveyed a small sample of recently completed listings and found that the 16GB, WiFi-only model of the iPad 2 fetched an average of $391. We excluded brand-new iPads, as well as ones that included accessories."

For Craigslist and other websites, Shanklin said to be aware of scammers and be sure to make sure to get paid in cash instead of having to worry about having a fake check or PayPal scam.

The Associated Press said the new iPad will have features that will leave people wanting to buy iPad 3 accessories, such as a sharper image with HD and a faster wireless capabilities, among other things.