While large smartphones become more popular, small tablets may be losing ground.

The new HTC Holiday may shortly be released in U.S. markets. With a 4.5-inch screen, the display is even larger than the Evo 4G, which was the largest for a period after its arrival.

Samsung also recently put forth a 4.5-inch phone with its Infuse 4G, which touts a thinner design and spectacular graphics. Although the HTC Holiday is thicker than the Infuse, both phones are pushing the idea that some smartphone users want a larger display.

Perhaps the future of mobile devices is somewhere between the current size of phones and tablets. As more complex and visually impressive games and other apps become available, consumers will want the most screen possible on a device that still fits in their pockets.

However, the ill-fated Dell Streak 5 may be an indicator of the future of mobile device measurements. With a 5-inch display – a mere half-inch less than the Holiday and the Infuse – the Streak tread the line between a large phone and a small tablet. Given the recent demise of the Streak 5, electronics manufacturers may be inclined to let tablets retain their current proportions as smartphones continue to grow.