We have all known that Google has been working on Chrome OS for a while now, but now for the first time we get to see what this device actually looks like. Since Chrome OS is still in the beta stages, Google has made it clear that this device is not for the masses just yet. The CR^48 is a very plain looking device which only comes in black at the moment and has absolutely no branding. There will be some people who have issues with the keyboard itself since the caps lock button has been replaced by a search button and there are no function keys to be seen. This keyboard looks more Apple like than anything. Looks aside the specs on the device sound like they are pretty solid. The CR^48 will have a 12.1 inch screen, full sized keyboard, oversized clickpad, Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip for Verizon data in the US or your choice of carrier internationally, wi-fi, 8+ hours of use, 8+ days of standby, a webcam, and flash storage. It may not be too impressive at the moment, but there is only room for it to grow.

Sources: Engadget Cr-48 Chrome Notebook