Google Documents is already a great add on to Google’s overall experience, but it was made just that much better when they added mobile editing. The mobile editing for Google Documents while still relatively simple will allow you to edit them on your Android device or IPhone/IPad. The edits will appear same time as if you were on your computer. While using this app however it is still too early for anything ridiculously fancy, but there will be very basic functionality which should be enough for most of its users. An upside of having Android is that since it is a Google device they gave it an extra perk. Google Documents editing on Android devices, with Froyo, can be done by voice. All of this is great as long as you have Android Froyo or IOS 3.0 or higher, however if you have a phone that is not up to either of those updates then I am afraid you are out of luck.

Source: Engadget