With this year's Google I/O Developers Conference well under way, we've already seen some exciting developments emerge for the internet giant's top minds. But perhaps none has been as bizarre as the walking smartphone robot from Hasbro.

Yesterday, Hasbro and Google unveiled a new smartphone accessory that enables the Nexus S to go mobile in a completely different way. The accessory resembles an exoskeleton of sorts that can be attached to the bottom of the smartphone to enable it to walk around on its own.

According to Engadget, the accessory interacts with the smartphone's sensors and front-facing camera to identify obstacles and simply traverse around them. The smartphone's movements are anything but graceful, stumbling around like an ultra-sophisticated wind-up toy.

Cute? Sure. Kind of creepy? Undoubtedly. Other than the rarely targeted toddler market, it is unclear which audience Google and Hasbro are aiming at with the new accessory. But, if nothing else, the little critters are a testament to the ever-expanding capabilities of mobile devices.

Google also used the I/O conference to announce the latest version of its Android OS, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. Designed for tablets and smartphones, Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of this year.