In what could end up being great Kindle iPad 2 accessories, Google is currently planning for some data-display glasses. These accessories look to be for the Android platform and will have front-facing and low-resolution camera and a small screen placed above the user's eyes. These will run for about $250 to $600, according to CIO Today.

The news source said some rumors have said the device will work with Android phones, but this could be a great accessory for any of the major platforms. The glasses are also expected to have some kind of voice control, which could be partially in response to Apple's Siri.

There are potential problems with this device, according to Thomas Claburn on InformationWeek. He said things like privacy, redundancy, cost and health could come into play as issues for these glasses.

"And if there are health risks, there will be liability problems," he said. "People will wear Google's glasses while driving, despite explicit warnings not to do so. They will collide with elderly pedestrians and someone will get hurt. Someone will end up going cross-eyed. There will be lawsuits. And some politician will hold a hearing. Add the cost of an insurance policy to your Google Glasses bill."

Jesting aside, these Android accessories seem like they could be a very cool, futuristic tool.