After the hype the Apple iPhone 4S's Siri got, a report by TechCrunch said Google is planning to compete with Siri in a new device. Phone cases for these new devices need to make sure they allow enough space for the speakers and microphone so that the device can work clearly.

TechCrunch said the program would be called the Google Assistant, a technology Alexia Tsotsis from the website writes that Google has had in their hands for years.

"But ‘Assistant’ is set to go beyond Siri in many ways, most importantly in that the search company will retain complete control of all the layers involved," Tsotsis said. "The project, helmed by the Android team with the involvement of search engineer Amit Singhal, has three parts according to a source."

The Assistant will be part of a project that will be looking to get the knowledge of the world and company into a format the computer can understand, be personalized and have a mobile search engine that is about accomplishing "real life goals," TechCrunch said.

Reports are also out that Siri could be coming to the new iPad, which means iPad 3 accessories could see some great initial sales.