Google's Android and Apple's iOS are widely considered to be the premier mobile operating systems currently available. Recently, it was revealed that nearly two years prior to his passing, Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs believed that Android mimicked a number of features contained in iOS – a claim that Google product manager Hugo Barra refuses to comment on, according to the Guardian.

The news source reports that a number of built-in smartphone accessories in Android's latest iteration, referred to as Ice Cream Sandwich, have been characterized as being notably similar to several iOS functions. These include various email capabilities and a shortcut to access a device's camera even if the screen is locked. The email features have been present in the iPhone since its debut, and the camera shortcut is available in Apple's iOS 5.

Barra's response was simple and direct when questioned about these matters in London, United Kingdom on October 25. "I'm not going to get into this," he told the news source.

Jobs' opinions on Android were disclosed in the recently released authorized biography of the Apple co-founder, who apparently vowed to push the OS out of the market.

Unwired View reported that Acer's Iconia tablets would be the first devices of their kind to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade.