Google recently introduced two new features designed to improve and expedite web browsing on smartphones.

The first of the new features, introduced at the company Insider Search media event, is designed to make it easier for Android users to find local establishments, such as restaurants and ATMs. The search app now includes icons at the bottom of the screen that can allow the user to pull up quickly details about places in his or her proximity.

The second feature is designed to simplify searches. Already available on the Google Search app for iOS and Android devices, the new function lets users browsing through add suggested phrases to the search box.

On the official Google Mobile Blog, director of engineering Scott Huffman stated that both the features are now available from both Android- and iOS-based devices.

Google also used the Insider Search platform to introduce several new search features for desktop and laptop computers. Among the new features are voice search for Chrome and a Search by Image function for Chrome and Firefox.