Samsung's latest high-end smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, is the first to run Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and is largely viewed as the fruit of a collaboration between the companies. However, Verizon Wireless, the device's wireless provider, is using its clout to ban the Google Wallet app from the Nexus, according to The Associated Press.

The news source reports that Verizon made this decision based on its own plans to release a mobile payment application – facilitated by near-field communications (NFC) technology – as one of its software smartphone accessories in the near future. Other wireless carriers have similar plans in the works. In a statement, Verizon cited a desire to provide "the best security and user experience" through its own wallet app.

Although Verizon's model will not carry the app, GSM or international versions of the phone can run it.

Google Wallet is the latest in a line of apps and platforms that have been launched by Google through the Nexus line of smartphones. The previous model in this family of devices, the Nexus S, had Sprint as its carrier and features the Wallet app.

CNET reports that Verizon's official release of the Galaxy Nexus in the United States is set for December 9, with phones shipping to stores on December 6.