As the fortunes of companies engaged in the mobile technology business such as Apple and Samsung continue to rise, the Canadian firm Research in Motion (RIM) has persisted in developing a reputation as a magnet for failure. The latest development affecting RIM, Google's elimination of a mobile version of its Gmail service for BlackBerry devices, continues that trend.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this will not affect BlackBerry owners who currently have the Gmail app installed on their phones, but those who do not have the app will no longer be able to install it.

The news source reports that RIM did not appear concerned with this change in a recently released statement, claiming that most owners of the BlackBerry and related smartphone accessories who used Gmail did so with the device's internet browser, rather than accessing it through the app. Google, meanwhile, offered a vague response in its own statement.

"[Google will be] building a greater Gmail experience in the mobile browser," the statement said, according to the news source. The company's recent release of a Gmail app for Apple's iOS mobile devices may be the first evidence of these efforts.

PC Magazine reports that Google recently updated the standard version of Gmail with a number of changes, most of which are intended to increase the service's compatibility with HTML5.