Following the recent release of Apple's oft-delayed white iPhone 4, GoSolarUSA announced the availability of a new solar-powered phone charger to match the device's pearly hue.

According to GoSolarUSA, the new white Volt Solar Charger is one of the few iPhone accessories that both harnesses the power of the sun and doesn't clash with the phone's new color. Rather than plugging into the wall, the charger fits over the device like a cell phone case. With a renewable-energy battery pack situated on the back, iPhone owners can merely let the phone bask in the sun to recharge it.

"People have been waiting to purchase the white iPhone 4 for quite a long time, and now that it’s here, they aren’t going to want to cover up the hot new color with a black solar charger," said GoSolarUSA president and CEO Tyson Rohde. "Thanks to our accessory’s amazing functionality, we anticipate that the white Volt Solar Charger is going to be an in-demand accessory for white iPhone users."

GoSolarUSA also offers solar-powered chargers for other devices, including the iPhone 3 and 3GS.

Though Apple first announced the white iPhone 4 last year, the device didn't hit stores until late April. According to company, the manufacturing of the phone proved more challenging than anticipated.