There are plenty of iPad cases and sleeves that offer protection, but there aren't quite as many that feature environmental friendliness as well. The Wool Felt iPad sleeve by Grove features hand-crafted design, natural materials and a slim design specially made for the iPad.

"As is the Grove way, the sleeve also  comes with the bragging rights of supporting an ethically produced product made by hand here in Portland," Grove co-founder Ken Tomita wrote in a Grove blog post. "Please beware that if you go with this sleeve, people will probably invade your personal space to reach for the silky, hand-oiled bamboo and pleasantly textured wool."

The sleeve comes in charcoal and sandstone and costs $99. It features magnet shutting capability and is compatible with the iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3.

For users who want the protection of a full case, Grove offers a line of bamboo iPad 2 cases. The cases feature a protective bamboo shell and a single-panel covering of either leather or wool felt. The leather case covers come in a variety of artistic designs and allow users to customize to upload their own.