Having a designer purse or pair of shoes is may be standard, but as far as iPad 2 accessories go, someone could look pretty cool at their next trip to the mall with their new Gucci case. Designer cases are also available for iPhones, according to Ubergizmo.

Cases by the designer are made of silicone and have the Gucci logo all across the surface so everyone can know just what company is protecting the device. The cases come in black, red and green and are currently valued at about $90.

"Personally I wouldn’t fork out such an expense for a smartphone or tablet case, but no doubt there are those iOS faithful out there that are willing to give their treasured device a little Gucci love," George Wong writes on Ubergizmo.

StupidDope said the series of iPad 2 accessories have the patented Gucci G pattern on the flexible case, which keeps the devices save from dust, fingerprints, scratches and has shock protection in case the iPad or iPhone is dropped. Cases are available for iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.