It is time for all Gundam fans to rejoice. There is a new phone by Sharp, which is designed after the Sharp 945SH, with a Gundam themed decal. It is not only a very nice looking device but it is also a fairly powerful phone. It comes with of course the custom Gundam decal and sounds, a 12.1mp camera, tv tuner, wi-fi, 720p hd video recording, HDMI interface, bluetooth, a two-way microphone speaker, and it is waterproof. The great thing is that it is a gsm capable phone, so people with sim cards will probably have access to it after it is released in Japan. This is both something good and bad though seeing as how fans in the U.S. will have minimal access to purchasing this phone however the fans in Asia are far greater than in the U.S. I am happy for Sharp, and I think this is just one awesome do it all device.

Sources: Crunchgear