IPhone owners all love their IPhones for the functionality, the ability to game on the go, and that it is just made with you in mind. If you are a Street Fighter fanatic on the IPhone then you hit some trouble. As we all know the controls are completely virtual and this makes gaming so much harder. With the new tactile plus stickers from Japan they give you a more physical feel to Street Fighter in the IPhone/ IPod touch. Being able to actually know which controls you are using will make even a hadouken within you reach now. It i s a simple yet cheap looking fix that is probably more for people who play the game on their phone than use any other features. Plain and simple these stickers stick out and not in a good way. The tactile plus sticker is available to you for a pretty low price of $8, but shipping it from Japan will come and kick you in the butt later.

Sources: Gizmodo Tactile-Plus