As we all know by now China has been hacking stuff left and right for as long as we can remember. Cybercrime has proof now that China was able to pull of the biggest hijacking in probably all of history. They were able to successfully hijack the internet back on April 8 for an entire 18 minutes. We are not entirely sure how why they did this, but they were able to suck in information from U.S. Government networks, civilian networks, as well as from networks of other Western Countries. The big question for us all is probably how did they pull this off. China’s telecom satellites were broadcasting that they were the fastest network to go through at the time, so since the traffic routing is all based on trust it went thorough to China. This was not one of their perennial “miscommunications” by routing, since the data went in and out of their pretty quickly. We have no idea why or what they will use the data for, but we will all hope that it was nothing to important.

Source: Gizmodo National Defense Magazine