While iPhone covers and other accessories can be a great way to protect the phone, one new accessory, scheduled to ship by the end of March, can account for those times when a picture or video of an entire group of people is needed. The Swivl robotic smartphone holder by Satarii Inc. swivels and tilts to help keep everyone in the picture, according to the Boston Globe.

"Swivl is a battery-powered, remote-controlled robot that works with a variety of camera-equipped smartphones, including Android phones and small hand-held video cameras like Cisco’s Flip," according to Hiawatha Bray in the news source. "The robot comes with a small remote control unit that constantly transmits its location to the Swivl device. As the person holding the remote moves, the Swivl keeps the camera aimed at him."

There is also a microphone built into the remote for better audio quality on videos. While the review in the news source said it is still too expensive for those who may only use it a couple times, with a price of nearly $90. Bray said it could be a great tool for frequent camera users.

Charlie White wrote on Mashable in January that the movements of the device – when examined at the International Consumer Electronics Show – were quite smooth. He said the accessory has a great knack to help keep people in the picture.