IPad 2 accessories keep getting more intricate, and the trend seems to be continuing with the PlugBug HoverBar, which lets users hang their tablet device next to their Mac screen.

"HoverBar floats iPad 2 next to any iMac or Apple display with an L-shaped stand," according to the Macgasm blog. "The sleek black, flexible arm on HoverBar connects to your Mac using a sturdy, silicone-lined clamp that leaves no trace. HoverBar has enough muscle and reach to position iPad above or beside any size Mac. Flex the bar and tilt iPad in any direction to find your favorite viewing position. What could be better than one iPad hovering above your Mac? Having a second floating beside it."

IPad 2 users can even make their tablet into a second screen with apps such as DisplayPad or Air Display, the blog said.

TheNextWeb said these iPad 2 accessories can be a great way to follow along a Twitter stream while working on a computer. The bar is fairly thin at about an inch and retails for around $80 for those interested in having the double-screen option.