For Samsung the number one concern at the moment will be if they have enough of their amazing Super AMOLED screens, ready for use in the production of the Samsung Galaxy S 2. There then arises the issue of what they will do with the current Galaxy S phones being created. Since they do not want to discontinue the production of the Galaxy S, they have decided to take a similar route to the Nexus S and use a Super Clear LCD Screen in place of the Super AMOLED screen. This is mainly for the Galaxy S phone which will be coming out to the Middle East, Asia, and Germany. As far as the phone goes it is exactly like the Galaxy S except that the Galaxy SL will have a Super Clear LCD screen and it will be thicker than the original Galaxy S due to a larger battery. Of course it will also not be released with Android 2.2 so we will have to cross out fingers on when that will be released.

Sources: Engadget Samsung BestBoyz