Hewlett-Packard has been struggling to rebound from some roundly criticized business decisions. According to Digital Trends, HP's new CEO Meg Whitman has several plans for her company's recovery, including the release of a new tablet computer powered by the mobile version of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

The news source reports that HP, under Whitman's leadership, appears to be scaling down certain aspects of its operations while maintaining others. It will be cutting down on the total number of products it is making to emphasize quality over quantity. 

Conversely, HP aims to maintain arms of its operation slated for separation in the recent past. When Leo Apotheker was still CEO of the company in August, he considered selling Personal Systems Group (PSG), its PC manufacturing unit. The decision was viewed poorly by industry critics and other leading HP figures, who coordinated to oust Apotheker from his position.

Whitman may stick to Apotheker's plans to sell off its WebOS mobile operating system, since Windows 8 will power HP's new tablet.

According to the New York Times, PSG earns enough revenue apart from the rest of HP to be counted amount the United States' 70 largest companies.