This was probably one of the most controversial Windows Phone 7 devices to be released this past October. The Surround boasts a slide out mini Dolby speaker. There is just one thing with this all. The Surround just doesn’t seem to be worth it for the extra bulk of the speakers it has. When you look more into it after a bit of the usage the Surround’s speakers are not quite what you would expect from a surround sound speaker system. The fact that it was unable to reach the surround sound supposedly provided by the speakers, they are able to reach a fairly high volume without starting to lose sound quality. As you would have probably expected the sound quality is very good with headphones plugged in. Another issue is the video playback. The Surround is supposed to be a very media oriented device so it does make no sense that you would be unable to reach higher video resolution that that basic playback. In all it doesn’t seem to be worth the extra bulk or hassle to get the Surround since it does not seem to perform to the level we had anticipated for.

Sources: Engadget