With ATT focusing more on Android phones no one should forget that they are a large supporter of Windows based phones. The newest edition to this line of Windows phones is the Windows 7 phone the HTC T8788. This is likely another desperate attempt at greatness on part of Microsoft to land it big with this new phone. I am most unhappy with how it does not have a keyboard but rather slides out to reveal speakers. Though the success of this phone is unlikely for those who are heavy texters or emailers it is bound to be a hit with those whom are more focused upon the multimedia experience of the phone. It does give forth a sleek smooth look and appears to be fairly pocket friendly. I however like many others would have preferred a QWERTY keyboard to speakers and with the shaky history of Windows Mobile OS the HTC T8788 is not bound to give Windows the results they want from the all or nothing concept of the phone.

Source: Engadget