Unlocking smartphones has always been a tricky task in the United States, but HTC is plowing ahead anyway. Yesterday, the smartphone manufacturer announced on its Facebook page a new time frame for rolling out bootloader unlocking for several of its phones.

HTC said that starting in August, it would release software for bootloader unlocking for the HTC Sensation and Sensation 4G on T-Mobile, as well as the Evo 3D on Sprint.

This move will come as welcomed news to a relative few, while others are likely to scratch their heads and ask, "Just what is bootloader unlocking anyway?"

Essentially, the bootloader unloacking allows more tech-savvy smartphone users the ability to customize and tinker with their handsets. This is similar to iPhone users "jailbreaking" their phones, but is generally less frowned upon.

HTC said it is currently testing the new capabilities, and it expects to be fully operational by September.

The smartphone manufacturer had announced it would change its bootloader policy in May, citing strong encouragement from its customers to do so. However, the implications of the new policy – particularly in terms of security – have yet to be seen.