I don’t know who still carries their pocket knives around, but now the pocket knife has received a technological upgrade. Instead of the normal toothpick which no one really uses they are now able to pack a 256GB SSD into your pocket knife. It seems unlikely to have too many other tools with something of this size, but the SSD is actually very small leaving room for scissors, a straight knife, and a nail file screwdriver combo. The awesomeness of this does not stop there though since Victorinox plans to release a 512GB SSD version of this later on in the year. For those of you who are not looking for such a large amount of memory there will also be 64GB and 128GB versions of this. The USB itself is even impressive since it has an e-ink display to see files and memory usage and it has a 32-bit processor on it’s own.

Sources: Gizmodo Uncrate