For those who want mobile phone accessories that will lead to some good, clean fun, check out the iCade, which allows people to plug their iPhone in and play supported games in an old school arcade game-like setting.

"This is the ultimate arcade boy and girl’s dream! The list of compatible games that support the iCade continues to grow," according to ThinkGeek. "If I ever feel like playing an arcade game, I just simply dock my iPad onto my iCade and start playing. The two best games I like playing are Velocispider and Super Mega Worm."

The device normally sells for about $99.99. The App Era said the device started as an April Fool's Day prank by ThinkGeek, but it now provides entertainment for people of all ages.

ThinkGeek said to bring the cell phone accessories to life, they partnered with ION and Atari. The partnership helped bring more games to the iPhone and iPad, thereby leading to more games for the iCade.