Sick of your current home phone and want to have calls only to your phone? With the iFusion it will give you the convenience of having one phone to receive all of your calls and it will also give you the feel of a corded landline at the same time. This probably does not sound very pleasant, but for the few who will believe it supposedly the iFusion will give you better call quality than if you simply talked through the iPhone itself. iFusion seems to be missing two important details with this device. First off they need to realize that it is an antenna issue so unless the iFusion comes with some pretty powerful signal boosting tech then it is just one big Bluetooth device. Secondly Bluetooth devices were meant for portability and to be hands free, yet this device is corded and not very portable. Simply put this would probably not be the smartest thing to invest in for your home improvement.

Sources: Gizmodo Fusion