Travelers and people who frequently find themselves needing to charge their devices should look at new mobile phone accessories that help charge anywhere with multiple functions by iLuv.

The company, who works to create many mobile accessories for users, said it has expanded its charging line up with new "award-winning mobile charging solutions." 

"These innovative charging solutions are designed for today's world-traveling consumer who needs power for multiple devices at the same time, without any hassle and without sacrificing on style," the company said.

The DreamTraveler is a travel-sized combination power strip, which is good for limited outlet availability as it can power up to six devices at once. The company's DualPin charger has two USB ports and can charge the iPad and iPhone at the same time no matter where the power socket is, the company said.

According to Cult of Mac's blog, the company also released a charger called the RockWall that can charge devices in different countries that will retail at about $130. While this is expensive for mobile phone accessories, travelers can find devices like this very useful.