Perhaps showing the value of cell phone cases, SquareTrade, a gadget warranty company, looked to put the iPhone 4S versus the Samsung Galaxy S III to see which could handle the abuse the best. Which won? Neither took the beating very well, according to CNET.

“As you can see in the vid, both phones take a pretty serious beating, with the Galaxy S III faring a little worse,” the websites said on the video. “To be fair, it’s pretty clearly a matter of where the impact point is on the device that determines total (and ugliest) breakage.”

CNET said in a separate post that how much someone wants to protect their phone with a case depends on if they want protection from simply dropping the device or other kind of heavy duty damage, such as having the phone stepped on or run over by a bike wheel. The website said different cases can help protect against? different things and looked to name the top 25 iPhone cases for toughness.

Some of the best protective phone cases included the Artwizz SeeJacket Crystal, the Belkin Leather Flip Folio, Case-Mate’s Carbon Fiber Holster and the Griffin Elan Form. There are multiple other cases out there as well that should help protect a phone, but just don’t try putting them through a drop test without one.